Why We're Here

We are a group working with the local community in Northern Idaho, specifically Kootenai County, to voice our concerns with the Huetter Road Corridor study. The Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization (KMPO) has spent over 20 years attempting to gain support for the Huetter Road Corridor project without success (news article), has ignored the community's feedback during the process, and has not incorporated the feedback where needed.

After not passing the bill by a great amount, the KMPO committee has continued their method of not listening to the community and has spent more money to update the Huetter Road Corridor design. The design makes the impact of the corridor even more impactful to the local community. Also, they have not put forward a newly revised budget which would assess the current costs of the project compared the initial projections in 2009.

The issues around the work proposed by the KMPO are vast and they have not addressed them with their latest updates. Worse, the new updates will have an even greater negative impact on more people in the community. They are using the guise of progress to push a poor design that will not be beneficial when completed. The members of the KMPO need to lean into the community's needs and think differently about how they are negatively impacting Kootenai County.

Get Involved

We at the No Huetter Bypass group and looking for members of the community to get involved and have your voice heard. Over the years, the community voice has been lost and is going unheard by elected officials and other bureaucrats that appear to be more focused on removing the beauty of Kootenai in place of financial values rather than looking for methods to grow while building a bright future.

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