News - Huetter Bypass zoning overlay delayed

Link to CDA Press Article

The CDA Press published an article with the results of the No Huetter Bypass group's request to stop the Highway Overlay. In affect, a Zoning Overlay adds special criteria to an area in the zone in addition to what is already in place. In this case, the Overlay would have stopped all residents from building, improving, or performing any other actions to their property for at least two years, possibly more.

As the article mentions, the project has not been canceled by the KMPO at this time. However, the Idaho Transportation Department District 1 has stated that it will be using funding for the ecology study to do a larger review of Kootenai County in full to look for methods to improve the traffic issues.

The No Huetter Bypass (NHB) group will continue to work on the issues with the community as well. The NHB group is planning on further outreach to the community to gather concerns and ideas and present them to ITD.

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