Ron McGhie to KMPO Glenn Miles - Request for Information

Oct 20, 2021

Glenn Miles, Director


Per our Oct 17th phone call, was looking forward to receiving a copy of the existing Huetter R/W, showing the width on both the east and west side, and a copy of the proposed R/W for the Huetter Bypass. We also addressed the need to know the location of the proposed LUDC overlay zone in relation to the proposed R/W.

Later in the day, you informed me that the existing R/W was not available, I was very surprised that KMPO has studied the Huetter Corridor for over 15 years and does not have a map or information showing the width and location of the existing and proposed project and overlay zone. I thank you for sending the two small pdf files, however, neither file was to scale or showed the R/W or overlay width.

Per your suggestion, I looked on your website to find the public comment letters you have received about the Huetter Bypass. I found the March 12, 2015 Public Involvement Policy/Plan and was impressed with the amount of information and effort this document states that KMPO has put into tying to get the public involved. It appears you have been keeping a data base on the people who attend and/or provide comments. I did not find any public letters posted or shown in my search of your website.(

Page 12 of the above report states: "KMPO staff, committees and Board will consider all public comments. A summary, analysis and report on the disposition of all comments will be made part of the final document for all plans, studies, policies and other documents." On page 26, under the title Public Comments, it states, "No public comments were received" during the 45-day public comment period with a list of 7 board meetings in 2014-2015.

I am very concerned about small public attendance at your meetings. I am getting a lot of input that KMPO is not addressing the public's concerns or analyzing their opinions or suggestion. I do not think I am the only one that did not receive a return reply or comment on my concerns.

I have attached a copy of my June 24, 2021 public comment letter to KMPO about the Huetter Corridor project. To date, I have not received any reply related to or your analysis regarding my letter. I am now requesting you reply with a copy of your analysis of my concerns as soon as possible.

In the May 13, 2021 KMPO Board meeting, the following comments were made.

KMPO "Mr. Miles said he had discussed the corridor with ITD staff in Boise last week and that they are more comfortable taking over the corridor with the idea that it would become the alternate US-95, Appleway Avenue to Boekel Road would be turned over to local jurisdictions as a local road/business route".

Was this the suggestion by ITD or KMPO?

ITD- Dist 1 Mr. Damon Allen, said "the Huetter corridor project is unique in that it is local road. KMPO has been lead agency in starting and planning the Huetter corridor in general. ITD has partnered with KMPO and would until such time the ITD Board designates it as a state route, he commented on the possibility of US-95, agreement, being turned over to the locals. Is the project contingent on the above agreement.

I previously talked to Kelly about requests for information. I would like to let you know that the times I have had the pleasure of talking with her, she has been extremely helpful and pleasant. Your lucky to have this type of employee. She told me I could send a list of the information that I needed.

I respectfully request the following information:

  1. A digital copy of all public comment letters addressing the Huetter Bypass Project, sent to KMPO during the period from 2005 through Oct 17, 2021.
  2. A digital copy of all KMPO replies and analysis to the letters addressed in item #1.
  3. The number of public attendees that attended each public meeting during the period shown in item #1.
  4. A digital copy of all documents and reports that address the noise or air pollution, bird or other environment concerns that KMPO has done along the Huetter

Corridor route since the April 2009 Environmental Scan, including any of your 90 day follow up on Biological Resources. 5. A Digital copy of any document that shows what agency's approved using Covid Funds for the Huetter Bypass environmental study. 6. A copy of the Federal Organizational Chart that shows what federal agencies KMPO reports to. 7. I also request the dates KMPO notified ITD and the date ITD Program of Projects was started

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Ronald C McGhie

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